Trade shows are the ideal place for any company to reach decision makers. No other form of marketing creates the opportunity for person to person introduction to such a large number of new prospective clients. Lets face it, you’ve paid a fortune for a few metres of exhibition space, manned it with highly experienced, highly paid sales staff and put up state of the art decals displaying your wares.
But so do all the other exhibitors... including the opposition... and people still pass at arms length with furtive eyes as if its the lions cage at the zoo?

What makes your stand stand out?
Rog creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, which clients want to enter. While they are being drawn your reps are able to informally do their thing. Spectators are happy to watch others being drawn and often return with colleagues, giving you a second “bite of the cherry”. Each client is given a unique personalised gift which they will cherish and feel grateful to your company for. Rog’s art is a tried and tested formula which has earned tens of thousands in extra leads for his clients.

After all, how can you reach your prospective clients if they do not stop at your stand
Rog’s gentle humour lends itself to a positive introduction of your product.